Urban Organix - Edible Landscaping
At Urban Organix we wanted to do something in our community to reduce our negative impact on the environment by taking steps toward self-sufficiency while optimizing the nutritional content of our foods. 
People the world over know that the key to a healthy existence is eating healthy and that fresh produce plays a key role.  We love our local farmers and local markets and hope that all here in Nashville do their best to support them for your benefit and theirs. Taking it one step further, we believe that by growing some of our own produce at home will also have environmental benefits while saving money. Not to mention the therapeutic and rewarding feeling you get from working outside and getting closer to our mother earth, which is prov'en to reduce stress and anxiety.
Gardening can begin any time here in Tennesse. Because of our mild winters there is always a fruit or vegtable that can be planted as well as harvested to the kitchen. We work with any budget and any job size. The goal stays the same to make our outdoor space more productive, sustaining and energy saving.
Call us or send us or send us an email at nikkole.urbanorganix@yahoo.com
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